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With thousands of cats going missing everyday and with a very small number of them being recovered, losing your cat can be a devastating experience. A cat is more than just a pet; to many of us our cat is a friend and part of the family - someone we truly love and care about.

In order for a GPS collar to be suitable for cats, it has to fully satisfy all of the following criteria without exception:

  1. A one-click safety buckle has to prevent your cat from getting strangled.
  2. The collar should be as comfortable and light to wear as any regular collar and weigh 30g.
  3. It should work independently from mobile phone networks to protect your cat from permanent exposure of potentially harmful mobile phone radiation.
  4. Your cat's tracks need to be recorded constantly so it can be found in places with no or bad GPS reception.
  5. The collar should have a battery life of several weeks without having to be recharged.
  6. The collar needs to be made from durable water and weatherproof material.

Over the past few years the petTracer team has spent a considerable amount of time analyzing cats and their behaviour, their natural habitats and their needs. At the same time we did extensive research and pioneer work in the field of efficient energy technology for "micro GPS-tracking". Thanks to this we have managed to successfully develop a fully functional, highly accurate precision High-tech GPS-cat collar. It comes with a Swiss made label standing for high quality and the technology has been patented.

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The GPS-cat collar in detail

With its unique design, small size and incredible light weight, the petTracer collar is just like any regular collar. We made sure that the collar is very comfortable for a cat to wear and due to the one-click safety buckle the GPS-cat collar fastens easily and opens instantly should your cat ever get caught somewhere.

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The web portal

You can easily configure and manage the petTracer collar through our website. All your cats' names are tagged on the digital map to allow you to follow their movements at any time. You can even obtain statistics about your cats, set safety and danger zones around your house, adjust the alert messaging service, manage account access rights of family members or check the battery’s current energy level among many other things. Our website also offers valuable general know-how about cats and provides all cat lovers with a variety of additional services.

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Digital Map

Easily monitor your cat's whereabouts via Google maps from any place at anytime. The covered distance is traced constantly and can be accessed and analyzed at any chosen time. This allows you to gather a variety of statistics about your cat. How far does it go and where is its favourite hiding place? Have you ever wondered how many meters or even kilometers your cat covers in a day, a month or a year? How fast is your cat when it’s on the move? How big is your cat's territory? Does your cat occasionally get snacks at your neighbour’s house?

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Smartphone optimized

Thanks to our innovative web portal, all functions can be performed directly via the browser of your smartphone or on any PC with Internet connection, the installation of an app is not necessary. That way you can easily keep tabs on your "darling" even when you are on vacation!

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The energy supply of a GPS-cat collar is a seemingly irresolvable problem. A long operating period results in high energy usage. Therefore, a big battery is needed which inevitably leads to a heavy and bulky GPS-cat collar.

A possibility to save energy could be to drastically reduce the sending of GPS coordinates – for example to one signal every 10 minutes. At first sight, this method appears to be a good idea but unfortunately it is not. After meticulous investigations we discovered that during the non-transmission period a cat can easily disappear in an area of no reception (e.g. a cellar or garage). It then turns out to be impossible to locate the cat until it leaves that area again. Therefore, only GPS-cat collars constantly tracing and recording your cat's every move are suitable for our purpose.

With our patented energy efficient technology for micro GPS tracing we have solved this problem.

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Unmatched Weight

Apart from extensive battery life, a small weight is the biggest challenge in manufacturing a GPS-cat collar. From the beginning it was our ambitious goal to develop a cat collar that weighs 30g.

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We are a dynamic team consisting of experts in various fields. These experts range from the field of electronics, mathematics, software, radio transmission, GPS, hardware, rapid prototyping, CAD, web design, marketing, plastic materials as well as longtime cat-sitters and vets who help us create the best product for you and your cat. It is our goal to develop a reliable, affordable and above all a cat-friendly solution to locate cats.


Project Progress



In the early stages of the project we simultaneously worked on planning, extensive research, development and of course fund-raising! Thanks to this research we now have a technology which allows the development of a GPS-cat collar that is yet to be matched.

This stage was successfully completed at the end of 2013!



The second stage involved the development and assembly of a working prototype.

This stage was successfully completed in March 2015.



In this phase we had launched a pre sale through a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo. This campaign gave us quality feedback from the market and also financed part of our mass production.

This phase was completed in January 2015.


Field test, optimization and mass production

The fourth phase consists of the optimization of all the technical components. The feedback received from the field test plays a crucial role. The preparation and the following mass production are part of this phase as well.

An elaborate field test as well as the production was successfully completed.


Forming of a community

The final phase consists of the sale of the complete product as well as an ongoing optimisation. For us it is also the beginning of a new project: The construction of our web portal and the community.

This phase is started and we are waiting for the first feedback :-)

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